Friday, February 13, 2009

Shack Attack!

If anyone has chosen to read the body of this blog based on a false assumption that they'd find info about the notorious basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal here--well, then, I apologize for any misleadings in my entry title. Sadly, I have nothing of note to offer in regards to Mr. O'Neal...I do, however, want to talk for a moment about "The Shack"; a book written by Wm. Paul Young. And, my blog title is entirely accurate, because, MAN, did this book attack me! But, in the absolute best way possible!

Now, I'm aware that I may be a little late to the playground, so to speak, by just now commenting on this book. (But, try to cut me some slack--I'm just getting my bearings back after a few month span that included my wedding, "The Big Three" winter Holidays, and exciting job adjustments!) However, if you're thinking, "The Shack?! That's SOOO 6 months ago!"--clearly, you need to read it again, because somehow the message must not have sunk in the first time. :)

This book will blow your stinkin' mind, my friend. Count on it.

It will rock your preconceptions of the world around you, God Himself, The Trinity. Bank on it.

It will make you think twice before you offer out the "But, He was Jesus!" whine to excuse coming up short in any area of life. No Doubt. (*More on this in another blog!)

Most of all, it'll move you. I don't know exactly how, as I am sure it's different for each person. And, I'm even certain some will have a negative response--but, you won't finish "The Shack" without having been affected in some way. I promise.

Reading this book was a "Wow" moment for me...Actually, it was several "Wow" moments. So, get ready--there will be more blogs about "The Shack" coming your way!

But, in the meantime...READ IT.

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