Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why I Love the Church...

I love the church because…well, what’s not to love?! (Don’t answer that! *wink*)

Seriously, though, nothing is perfect, but wow, some things are really great! My church is one of them. I have 100% grownup here. All “almost 30” years. And, there are SO many wonderful things I could mention…but, lately, I have been really coming to a deep understanding of, and reverence towards, consistency—and the affect it has. I am who I am, and have what I have, in large part because of consistency. Not just in places and surroundings—though I wouldn’t discount that—but, mostly the consistency in people. I am grateful because my family has always shown Jesus to me, and expected Jesus from me, with equal passion in public as at home. I was sent to schools where I had daily opportunity to engage with people who challenged me and encouraged me in similar ways. And, pivotally, I’ve had the privilege of belonging to a church that has provided me family, friends, role models, prayer warriors, generous hearts…I could go on and on. The consistency in those arenas has been an unmatched blessing. The impact is remarkable. I know that without it, I would not be who, or where, I am. For over a couple decades, I have had a front seat view of people worshipping, giving, loving, challenging, needing, providing, encouraging, comforting, and ministering…My church has consistently been a beacon of God’s light and truth in my life…And, once I was old enough to choose my own way, my own standards, my own life—it was that consistency that kept me firmly rooted in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and with a passion to share it with others.

For this, I am so thankful, and say heartily, “That’s why I love the church!”


Larissa said...

And I'm so thankful that God has now placed you into a position to influence my young people and to be a part of all the things you hold dear from your childhood - thank you.

Brenda Grace Mason Young said...

Great stuff!! Made my heart sing!