Monday, June 23, 2008

Chics! (Of the Human--not baby bird--Variety!)

Not so long ago, I was asked to offer my thoughts regarding Women's Issues in today's society...Whoa. What a loaded topic. But, these people clearly knew who they were dealing with, so they kept me reined in with specific questions to answer, rather than a completely open forum. *wink* Thought I would share my responses with you, and let them speak for themselves. Hope they meet you somewhere you are today!

What women's issues concern you the most today?
Self-image and true purpose in life. I meet with young women and girls on a regular basis—both personally and in my job—and a common thread I see and hear is an inaccurate perspective and misplaced emphasis on image. I also believe that far too many women—and men as well—live their lives without any deep purpose bigger than themselves. They aren’t focused on building a legacy that makes an impact or having a mission worth dying for…Most are far too self-absorbed and distracted by instant and temporary gratification to invest their lives into the things that will ultimately and actually matter. I believe this ties directly into the image problem, as well. Of course your self-image is not going to be great when who you are is based on unworthy things.

How have women's rights, or lack thereof, affected your life experiences in particular?
It has been an interesting, dual-edged sword. On the one hand, my mother is a Pastor—a notoriously male-dominated role. I’ve grown up in a family, and with surroundings, that have always shown and taught me the equality of women—both through her job, and just in the respect and credibility given to women in the social circles I have lived. However, there is another hand of my mother being a Pastor...There’ve been numerous times in my life where I have experienced the disdain of some people, personally or vicariously, who believe a woman is not qualified or appropriate to fill that leadership role.

Growing up was there a certain woman who acted as a role model for you? What did you admire about her? Mom. She has always been able to manage a million things…Be a nurturing, loving, always present Mom, a leader, there’s nothing I have watched her attempt that she couldn’t handle, a great, supportive, partnering wife, awesome at her job, dependable, unflappable, yet fully feminine and compassionate…She has some how managed to be an amazing working woman, stay-at-home mom, wife, teacher, pastor, friend, and lady—simultaneously. It’s awe-inspiring.

If you could create a super-hero for all young girls to look up to, what characteristics would they have?
Honesty, integrity, servant’s heart, intelligence, purpose, kindness, generosity...

What is your hope for women in the future?
To aspire to what I’ve said above…Not to be the next "American Idol," "Pussycat Doll," or Hef's "Girl Next Door." Make your life—every moment of it—about something so much bigger than yourself that it has the potential to change the world!


Brenda Grace Mason Young said...

Great stand--thanks!

Jacob Young said...

Good stuff Rach!

Larissa said...

What great observations coming from a young lady in the mix. This is the reason I want my daughter to look up to you as a role model. Keep talking people are listening.